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ปั๊มสระว่ายน้ำ AstralPool รุ่น Maxim ( 3.5 HP )

PS-AS-08003 : Pipe Size [ 3" ] FlowRate [ 50 ลบ./ชม. ]


The self-priming, high performance Maxim pump has been developed for use in public swimming pools. Made from high-resistance technical plastics guarantees a longer working life.

With a design adapted to the requirements of the public swimming pool, the Maxim is made entirely of technical plastics, which provide flow rates and working pressures similar to those of cast iron pumps of the same characteristics. The Maxim pump also incorporates a prefilter with a capacity of 8 litres. The prefilter is replaceable in all the models and has a standard key to facilitate opening.

High performance pump for public swimming pools
Large capacity
Easy-open prefilter
Complete insulation from corosion
Optimum performance